How to Cut Through the Data Craze and Extract the Critical Information You Need to Optimize Inventory

Your CEO has just made a commitment to shareholders to reduce inventory across the board this year by 10%. You need to develop an inventory optimization strategy that can be quickly implemented across the team and drive results. And you need that strategy nowBut where do you start?

Based on our work with complex global manufacturers, our customers have identified the 4 critical reports required to tackle any inventory optimization initiative. Join us for a 30-minute webinar hosted by our Director of Solutions, Daniel Taylor, where you will learn:

  • What the four key reports are and what it takes to create them
  • Why these four reports are critical for managing teams that control the flow of inventory (buyers, analysts, planners, suppliers, etc.)
  • How to use the reports at every level across your organization: for individual buyers, entire sites, and entire networks of sites
  • Best practices directly from global manufacturing leaders on the inventory optimization process and the role these reports play for everyone