Create a Plan Your Supply Chain Team Can Operationalize Every Day to Increase Inventory Turns Long-Term

PFEP enables supply chain leaders to glean a 360-degree view of their inventory and procurement policies to maximize the value of every inventory dollar. But most companies struggle to keep up with theirs - PFEP is usually updated, at best, biannually, with low compliance throughout the year. With changing customer demands and the fast pace of today’s manufacturing supply chains, creating a plan and sticking to it becomes only a secondary priority. That’s not good enough.

Without an effective PFEP, root causes of problems are not identified, order policies become outdated, and putting out fires rules the day, every day. Inventory dollars are left on the table, and on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction suffers. But what if it was easy for your whole team to fully utilize your PFEP every day?

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn how your whole team can derive more benefit from your PFEP, including:

  • The basics of an effective and accessible PFEP
  • Identifying your biggest inventory wins quickly
  • Building the reports you need for tracking, measuring, and executing on your plan
  • Creating standard work that aligns your whole team on the highest-value activities
  • The actual steps you should take every day, week, and month to ensure success