Go Beyond ERP and BI Tools With Analytics Purpose-Built for Decision Support

Your ERP system is a crucial business asset, integrating a wealth of valuable data and helping teams across your organization streamline processes. But no tool can be everything for everyone, and there’s one thing your ERP and BI tools aren’t designed for: turning supply chain data into prioritized daily actions that drive real business impact. For teams facing the daily challenges of reducing inventory and freeing up working capital, predicting and preventing shortages, and collaborating around data to solve business-critical problems, ERP and BI tools alone won’t suffice.

In this panel discussion, Richard Lebovitz, founder and CEO of LeanDNA, speaks with Mike Louderback, Vice President at Morgan Advanced Materials, and Germain Lavalade, formerly of SAP and Zodiac Aerospace, to explore the ways manufacturers are bridging the gap between ERP capabilities and day-to-day needs with purpose-built analytics that provide AI-driven decision support for inventory management.

Join the conversation about:

  • Why there’s a gap between robust ERP capabilities and the daily needs of manufacturing teams making inventory decisions
  • How this gap in actionable data insights is holding procurement professionals back from working smarter, not harder
  • How Morgan Advanced Materials was able to get a handle on shortages and improve on-time delivery commitments
  • The potential of purpose-built analytics tools for supplementing ERP and BI capabilities to drive powerful results