How to transform the way your buyers manage their work and improve every core metric with predictive analytics

Meet Blair Buyerson. She’s a typical buyer - responsible for cutting through a backlog of POs, digging through never-ending ERP exception messages, and ultimately ensuring customer demands are met with supply. And she is swamped! Blair and her team are critical to your supply chain operations, so how can your manufacturing organization better equip Blair to succeed?

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to walk in Blair’s shoes and learn how you can drive your buyers towards success, including:

  • Better processes for prioritizing the most important POs to address the most critical customer demands
  • Best practices for managing ERP action messages throughout the supply chain
  • Standard work and workflows to drive success for all buyers
  • Prioritizing high-value demand rather than simply knocking out action messages, leading to meaningful business results
  • Avoiding high-cost “crisis mode” fixes, like rush shipping and firefighting
  • Better workflows for managing and working with suppliers